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Hi, if you would like to request a review from my you can contact me by email Please title your email 'Request Review' so I know what the email will be about. Or Title it "Blog Tour Request" I do take blog tour requests, promo opportunities or giveaways!
NOTE: I do proof reading, and other editing! If you are interested in something being edited just contact me at, and we can go from there. 

I've edited some books for The Zharmae Publishing Press, and I've also done the newest book in the Veil Diaries series by B.L. Brunnemer

You can also reach me at these places if so desired:



Genres I read:
Historical Romance
Young Adult
New Adult
Crime Drama
Some Taboo(Kidnapping/Dark)
Some Horror, though I'm slightly picky on this one. 
and I'm open to try NEW genres.

Type of books I will not read:

Some Taboo
Essay format 
Sci-fi that's not romance. 

This is kind of a hard limit for me. I can deal with it in certain aspects, like if the cheating is implied, yet didn't happen then I can do those sometimes, but just know that if it has cheating in it in anyway I may refuse to review. 

Book Formats accepted:

Ebook for KINDLE 
and Ibooks
And PDF formats.

As of now I am accepting review requests. But due to not having internet at my house it may take me a week or so to receive the request, and then it will take me one to two weeks before I can post my review of the book! BUT I will get it posted. This is just until I'm able to get my internet back in a few months. I appreciate your patience. 

I can also accept blog tour requests, but again I need the materials way in advance! 

Thank you for requesting my review for your book! I look forward to more reading, and reviewing.

All books that I review I have bought myself, or borrowed from family, friend, library ect, or I've received a copy from author/publisher in exchange for an honest review of what I thought of it. None of my reviews will be influenced by anyone other than myself. The review will consist of mainly my dislike or like of the book, my thoughts, and my rating, see my rating system for more details. 

Note: Any Images on my blog I have received freely from the person who made them, and I do not claim ownership. (Except for my Shooting Stars Reviews theme, and avatar that was made by Or there may be some that I've created or designed and I do claim ownership of those. 

Shooting Stars Reviews 
Rating System:

This is how I rate my books from 1-5 Shooting Stars. 

1 SHOOTING STAR: I couldn't stand the book. I did not finish it! 

2 SHOOTING STARS: The book was not for me, I finished the book, or skimmed through it but just couldn't bring myself to enjoy anything about it. 

3 SHOOTING STARS: The book was just okay, not good, but not bad either. I did finish the book, found several flaws, but couldn't bring myself to dislike it or to like it. 

4 SHOOTING STARS: I really enjoyed the book, it was very good. 

5 SHOOTING STARS: Most likely my favorite books, so enjoyable I will read it many many many times. But may not be my favorite book, but it is still so awesome it's crazy!


  1. Just checking by to see what you've been reading and what you've got to say... love the new layout and visuals. Looks great!

    1. Thank you! I love it now as well. Thanks for stopping by, hope to chat with you more!


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