Thursday, July 12, 2018

Title: Find Me
Series: Corrupted Hearts #3
Author: Tiffany Snow
As the head of the government’s secret Vigilance spy program, computer guru China Mack already has her hands full when her billionaire boyfriend, Jackson Cooper, asks for one of them in marriage.
Thrown for a loop by the sudden proposal, China’s usually well-ordered life takes another hit when someone tries to assassinate the president. Even that comes with a shocking twist: the primary suspect is none other than her ex-partner, Clark Slattery. With nowhere else to turn, the sexy loner needs China’s help and expertise. Clark has linked the assassination attempt to a failed secret operation undertaken six years ago—and a deadly cover-up that’s putting the leader of the free world in the crosshairs. But the president isn’t the only one in harm’s way.
Now, China is going to have to dig deep for information that’s beyond even her clearance. And what she discovers may have far-reaching consequences for her life and everyone else in it.

China was proposed to by her boyfriend, but she isn't sure what to think about it. And on top of that someone is after the president, and herself. Then her ex-partner comes back and throws a wrench in all her plans. Things are getting more and more confusing for China, and she isn't sure what is the correct action to take now, but she does know her life is on the line, and she must do what she can to help figure out what is going on before it is too late. 

This was another great book in this series. I really loved China in this one, although I really don't like who her boyfriend is. To me they just aren't good for each other, and it is annoying. I like Clark better. But, this one did bring out a lot of sadness, and some new light on China's mother as well. I'm very interested to know what happens next. 
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