Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Title: Dragon's Thief
Series: Blood Prophecy #1
Author: Lili Zander, Rory Reynolds

Stealing from one dragon is lunacy. Stealing from five of them? I must have a death wish. 
Contrary to popular opinion, I really don’t have a death wish. 

Yes, I’m a thief, but after almost being torn limb from limb by an irate panther shifter, I’ve given up my law-breaking ways. From now on, I’m sticking to the straight and narrow. 

Then Drakkar Raedwulf dangles one tempting, yet impossible job in front of me. Steal a gemstone from the five dragon princes. 

I’m not a fool, but Silas, the closest thing I have to a father, is gravely ill. He’ll die if I can’t get him the treatment he needs. Treatments that are far more expensive than I can afford with my crappy minimum-wage job. 

So I take the job. 

And promptly get caught by the five princes. Bastian. Casius. Rhys. Mateo. Erik. 

And that’s where my story really begins… 

Because the dragons are cursed, and my blood might be the secret to freeing them. 


This story begins when the heroine is faced with a horrible decision to make. She must do whatever she can to help keep her adopted father alive. 

Now, she will face the five dragon princes in a suicide mission. 

This book was a nice start to this series. The heroine really pulled me into the story, and I really liked the story as well. I'm interested to learn what happens next, and what other trials  they will face. 
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