Sunday, January 14, 2018

Title: Accelerating Universe
Series: The Sector Fleet #1
Author: Nicola Claire

"This is how we’d traverse the stars; limping and crippled, the last survivors of a dying solar system."

Fleeing from a past that almost killed her and a present that promises she’ll only burn, pay-for-passage passenger Ana Kereama boards the Sector Two lead vessel Pavo with only survival in mind.

What she finds is a reason to live, and it has nothing to do with New Earth.

Teaming up with the sexy and commanding Captain John Jameson to protect those on board their ship, Ana fights not only for her vessel’s survival but the intelligent being emerging within its gel coated walls.

Love and trust are born amongst the stars and plasma fire, but is it possible for a captain to be involved with a second lieutenant?

And can any of them hope to survive the treacherous voyage unscathed?

When humanity reaches for the stars in a race for survival, only the most daring amongst them will succeed.


This is a brand new series from Nicola Claire that is a little bit different from her normal stuff. Ana boards the Pavo vessel as the lowest woman on the totem pole, and soon things start to change for her. Not only does her position move up quickly, but she has a very strong attraction to the Captain of the ship. And when he needs her help to save the ship and a lot more people she stands up to help. 

This book was an interesting start to the series. I thought it was really good, and enjoyed the world building. However, I felt like a lot of the "romance" and relationship part was rushed, but other than that, I thought it was a really good book. This was very different from  a lot of the author's other work and I enjoyed that as well. I look forward to more in the series. 
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