Sunday, September 21, 2014

Title: Assumption
Series: Underground Kings #1
Author: Aurora Rose Reynolds


a thing that is accepted as true or as certain to happen, without proof

They say when you assume that you make an ass out of you and me. Kenton Mayson learned this lesson firsthand when he made assumptions about Autumn Freeman and the kind of woman she is based on what little information he had. What he finds out is she’s not only beautiful, but also smart, funny, a fighter, and exactly the kind of woman he wants to share his life with. Autumn made assumptions of her own about Kenton, and now he needs to prove her wrong in order to protect her and their future.

Assumption begins with Autumn working two jobs. One as a nurse, and the second as a stripper. One night while at the club she witnesses something horrible, and is sent on the run for her safety! The person she's sent to stay with is a man she never expected. His name is Kenton, and he's the only man in a long time whose actually gotten a reaction out of her. The problem is the assumptions she made about him seem to be turing out correct, and they both have a hard time trying to form a relationship around everything else.. But eventually it happens. But with Autumn's life being on the line things aren't going to be so rosie. 

 Assumption. Isn't that saying, "Don't Assume, because it makes an ass out of you and me." Well in this instance Kenton does make assumptions he shouldn't and turns into a major ass because of it. He makes lots of mistakes when it comes to Autumnand even when she gives him another chance he continues to screw up. But Autumn and Kenton have an explosive relationship. They are very cute together and I just loved everything about each of them. Even the scared part of Autumn, and the ass part of Kenton ;) 

 The plot line was wonderful, easy to follow, and had me on the edge of my seat and almost in tears at times as well. It also made me laught, which is a big thing in books especially books that can get intense. And this one did have some intense moments in it. But it also had lots of funny moments too. 

 There are only two things that bothered me about the book. 
 1) The Cassie issue. I don't get why that was even in the book when Kenton never explained anything at all about his relationship with her. It seemed like an unnessary drama. 

 2) I wish there had been a little more elaboration about Autumn's son. I won't say anything more then that because I don't want to give it away. 

 This is probably my favorite book of this author, and I look forward to reading more in the future! Great start to this series.
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