Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Title: Dark Shadow
Series: Mixed Blessing Mystery #2
Author: Nicola Claire
“It’s in all of us. Humans too. But the supernaturals have more than the Norms do. Part of what makes a vampire a vampire is drawn from the Dark. All fairies, regardless of whether they are Dark Fey or Light Fey, have Dark in them. Shapeshifters too, although I’ve been told they fight it. But never underestimate the Dark. If you don’t want it to crawl into bed with you late at night, don’t pull back the covers.”

Someone's abducting members of parliament, and they smell like wet dog.

This could mean disaster for the country. For Georgia Deverell, it means so much more.

The half-vampire/half-vampire hunter Nothus suddenly becomes a hot commodity. Because no one, not Norm nor supernatural, can hunt down the perpetrator like she will. But that’s not all Georgia has to worry about.

Her Dark Shadow has just about had enough. And when a fairy changes the balance of power between Gigi and her vampire-within, things get interesting. That’s if interesting involves a sexy vampire or two and the battle they currently have to win her as a mate.

Taking on Fey monsters and shapeshifting Taniwha are the least of Georgia’s problems. Taking on the Master of Auckland City and the vampire she never stopped loving could be the death of her. The final death that is.

Like Gigi says, it sucks to be me.

Dark Shadow begins with Georgia having to pay back a dept she owes to a Farie. It is not all fun and games though. That's not the only thing she is dealing with now though, she also has to deal with her cop friend bringing her in on a case, her Dark Shadow, and the men in her life. But when she finally starts to get things right, it may end up going all wrong. 

I have waited for this book forever it seems like. I was so happy to get to read it, and it was awesome. Although, I probably should have re-read the first one before this one, but that's okay. It was really good, and I loved the heroine. I also loved what happened between her and the hero. However, I was a bit frustrated and happy with the end, although it ends on a cliffhanger, I'm upset and excited for more now. I can't wait!!

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