Tuesday, July 10, 2018

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Hey fellow Shooting Stars!! 

This week was awesome! It was the 4th of July, which was a lot of fun. We hung out with family, spent some time watching fireworks, and just had a good time together. 

Not only that, but my son's first year book came in, so we had to go pick that up, and he's not excited for school to start again. But, the year book is really cool, and I'm excited to start that tradition! 

This week also brought out some great new releases that I've already had the pleasure of reading! So, if you haven't checked them out be sure to do that. 
That's all for today! 

Oh, one more thing, don't forget to join my discord server to chat about books with us!


Have a good week everyone! 

Until the Stars Align Again, 

Shooting Stars Reviews. 

~Last Week~

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