Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Title: Witch Out of Water
Series: A Moonstone Bay Cozy Mystery #2
Author: Amanda M. Lee

Hadley Hunter is the new witch in a town overflowing with paranormal beings. She’s ready to settle, but odd things keeping cropping up and knocking her off her game. 
In addition to dating Moonstone Bay’s sheriff Galen Blackwood, Hadley has her hands full when she helps discover a body at a local festival and uncovers a decades’ old feud between two warring families. 
The stories are flying fast and furious and the suspects are racking up. At the top of the list is local enigma Booker, a mysterious soul who Hadley is determined to chase until he starts giving answers about his hidden past. 
Galen and Booker are at odds – and it’s over more than just the dead body – and Hadley feels caught in the middle. When another witch shows an interest in her magical development, Hadley is eager for a breather. Unfortunately for her, the old witch in town might not be on the up and up. 
Hadley has a lot to do. She needs to solve a murder, figure out what’s up with the other witch and get to know a few more locals. That’s on top of bonding with a grandfather she didn’t even know she had. She doesn’t have a job but she’s always working at something … as long as she survives to see another fantastic island sunrise, that is.


Hadley is new to town, and she's still recovering from finding out she's a witch, and someone trying to kill her. Not only that she's trying to navigate a new relationship, and her new friendships as well. But, when she ends up finding a dead body, things start getting more complicated. 

This book was a great sequel in this series! I loved how Hadley acted, and it is awesome how she is slowly learning how to use her powers, and manage her way through a new place. This book also really brought out small changes in Hadley, and it was very interesting as well. 

This book was great! I really enjoyed reading it, and I laughed and got upset right along with Hadley. I'm curious about her relationship with Booker, and I almost wonder if he would be a better fit for her, but we will see how it goes. I'm so excited for more in this series now! 
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