Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Title: Grave Missteps
Series: Maddie Graves Mystery #13
Author: Lily Harper Hart

Maddie Graves and Nick Winters are feeling the pull of spring. The only thing hanging over them is wedding plans … until they see smoke in the sky and race to a house to offer rescue. 
Instead of the elderly woman they were expecting, Maddie pulls a young teenager from a basement window and stumbles across a mystery that is decades in the making. 
The girl has no name, no identity and either can't or won't communicate. She's terrified of every person she comes into contact with … except for Maddie. State social workers are called in, but the young girl seems lost in her own little world. 
The owner of the house is found dead inside, but she wasn't killed by the fire. It seems someone wanted her dead for different reasons … and Nick has to figure out exactly who targeted his neighbor and the young girl living in the basement. 
The hows and whys are difficult to unravel and when Nick starts uncovering the truth, a dark secret threatens to tear apart multiple families. 
The race is on to communicate with the victim, find out who is hunting her, and put together a happily ever after for everyone involved. All Maddie has to do to make sure that happens is to hold it together long enough to fight off a killer and protect her young charge. 
That might be harder than she thought. Much, much harder.


Maddie and Nick are enjoying their time together now. They will be getting married soon, and all seems to be blissful for both of them. However, one day they see a fire down the road from there house and rush to investigate. Maddie ends up saving a young girl, and no one would have guessed the horrors that were truly going on for her.  Maddie and Nick must do everything they can to help protect her, and figure out what is going on as well. These two will have a lot of trials a head of them if they wish to solve the mystery before it is too late. 

Maddie gets sucked into helping this young girl, and not only is her life on the line, but so is her heart. Nick does his best to protect her, but he can't protect her from everything, especially these new powers she seems to have. 

It was really interesting reading about how much Maddie has changed since the series started. She's really turned into a great character, and I loved how she was exploring her powers in this one. That was really awesome. I'm also very excited to read about them getting married, and how that will turn out. 

This is another good book by this author and I look forward to more. 
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