Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Title: Break Me
Series: Corrupted Hearts #2
Author: Tiffany Snow
Just a few weeks ago, computer prodigy China Mack’s typical night in involved Endor Star Wars pajamas and a sensible bedtime. Now she’s dating gorgeous tech guru Jackson Cooper—one of Forbes’s Top Ten Eligible Billionaires—much to the Twitterverse’s delight.
Turns out, going from socially inept hermit to poster girl for geek chic has its challenges. China’s relationship gets even more complicated because her role heading the top-secret Vigilance program—where she’s partnered with Superman clone Clark Slattery—makes her a target. And when ruthless businessman Simon Lu plans to co-opt Vigilance software to blackmail government and military employees, he’ll need China’s cooperation—willing or otherwise.
But not every enemy is so easily identified. Some hide in plain sight, in very high places, and mistaking foe for friend could be the last mistake China ever makes…


Break Me begins with China and her boyfriend are doing well, even though she now seems to be an internet sensation. However, when they end up having problems and that makes China's fame even worse she is in for a world of problems. Now, her demanding job is making her go in "under cover" with her co worker Clark, the man who played her previously, and she isn't sure how to handle this. China is way over head with a new partner, and boyfriend problems, but things may change for her quickly if she doesn't figure it out in time. 

This book was a lot better than the first one. I really enjoyed how China handled everything and how she wasn't super strong, but not a super cry baby either. She was the perfect mix, I really like her as a heroine! She's a great character. 

This story line was also really great as well. I loved how it brought in characters from this author's other series. I also really loved the suspense, and intrigue in this one, it was so awesome, I'm super excited to read more now. 
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