Monday, July 16, 2018

Title: Skulk of Foxes
Series: The Fractured Faery #3
Author: Helen Harper
One impending apocalypse. Several crazy faeries. A few troubling plagues of locusts and storms of fire ... It's just another day in Manchester for the Madhatter. 

Madrona might still have amnesia and might yet prove to be a vicious murderess but that doesn't mean she's going to quit being a heroine just yet. However, while she might be prepared to go to any lengths to stop Rubus from triggering Armageddon, it's equally possible that the world will end as a result of her actions too. Manchester is experiencing terrifying surges in magic which are causing all sorts of chaotic events to occur. With a dragon, several werewolves and a host of faeries by her side, there is still a thread of hope. 

And green eyed, sexy arsed Morgan. There's always him. 

This is the third and final book in The Fractured Faery urban fantasy series.

This is the final book in the series, and Mad is ready to finally take out Rubus. However, that proves to be a more challenging ordeal than anyone originally thought. When they add in some werewolves to help, and the vampires things start to look better, but due to the increase of magic their world is being destroyed and strange things are happening. Mad must find a way to help fix it before it is too late. 

This was a great ending to this series, and I loved the heroine! She was funny, brave, and full of life. I also loved her and the hero together as well, and I really enjoyed the plot line of the store. It had a few twists and turns, and it was really very interesting. I thought the overall book was very good, and I was sad to see this one end. I look forward to more from Helen Harper though, especially if there will be a spin off series. 
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