Friday, June 22, 2018

Title: Wolf Magic
Series: Wolves of Faerie #1
Author: W.B. McKay

The road to revenge is paved with sacrifice. 

Julia Grayson is a werewolf on a mission. When she learns of a suspicious murder she sets her sights on her old home town. As the case unfolds, she can’t help noticing the similarity to the murder of her family. 

Desperate to believe this is the lead that will fulfill her long-awaited revenge, she's determined not to let any distractions get in her way. Appeasing the local pack is the last obstacle she needs, but if she doesn’t want to lose her best lead in a century, she’ll have to play nice. Unfortunately, that also means having to deal with Nathaniel, a man from her past who is both tempting and infuriating. 

When it becomes clear the killers will not stop their deadly mission, it will take Julia and the pack working in harmony with their natural enemies if she wants to protect her home and satisfy her need for vengeance.


Julia is a werewolf that is out for revenge. She's been searching for a very long time to try to find the wolves that killed her family. However, that proves to be more difficult than expected. And when she goes back to the place it all started from life gets even more complicated for her. 

This book was okay. It wasn't really great, and it wasn't exactly bad either. I liked the over all idea of the story line, I just had a really hard time with the heroine. She was beyond frustrating, and I hated how she did things. And I really didn't like the guy who may be set up as the love interest either. That was annoying as well. 

I'm not sure if I will read more in this series, but this was an interesting read. 
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