Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Title: The Truth About Stacey
Series: The Baby-Sitters Club #3
Author: Ann M. Martin

The truth about Stacey is that she has diabetes. Nobody knows... except her friends in the Baby-sitters Club.

But even they don't know the real truth about Stacey. Stacey's problem is her parents. They won't admit she has the disease, and they drag her to practically every doctor in America!

Seeing so many doctors made Stacey lose one friend, and she won't let it happen again. Especially now - when the Baby-sitters Club needs her more than ever.


The third book in the Baby-Sitters Club is about Stacey. She has a disease, and she's trying to deal with that, and her over protective parents as well. On top of that, some crazy stuff ends up happening with the Baby-Sitters Club as well, and things start to get out of hand. But, Stacey's going to do what she can to help her parents understand her point, and help her friends with the club as well. 

This book was really good. I felt bad for Stacey at times, but I also feel like she was brave, and handled things really well. I really liked her a lot. And I laughed and got angry along with the girls when certain things started happening. I can't wait to read more now! 
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