Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Title: Postmortem
Series: Medicine and Magic #2
Author: S.A. Magnusson

The magical world calls to me but I want nothing more than to heal. 

Working in the ER gives me a chance to help people while hiding from the magical world. It’s a place where few magical folk ever visit, and never by choice. 

When a patient comes into the ER with a magical injury, I’m forced to use my magic to heal, but doing so draws the wrong kind of attention to me. This time, I doubt Aron can help, especially since I know my type of magic isn’t dark magic at all. 

It’s worse. Much worse. 

Wanting nothing more than to hide from my powers, I’m thrust into the center of a budding war between factions of mages. The Dark Council wants to use me, but I worry as much about the mage council discovering what I am. They’ll do worse than burn off my magic. They’ll be forced to kill me. 

With my work suffering, I have to find a way to end the magic attacks, or I might not only be forced into the magical world, I might lose my job. 

Postmortem is a fast-paced fantasy mystery with a mixture of medicine and magic that will leave you breathless.


The second book in the series begins with some hurt people coming into the ER, but they are affected by magic of some kind. Kate believes she can help, but people don't seem to want her to try, and her Grandparents really aren't much help either. So, when she gets attacked, and strange things start happening she asks for the archer's help again. 

This book was okay. I was really annoyed with how some of the conversations just kept repeating themselves, and how Kate didn't seem to be as powerful in this one as the previous one when she faced Demons. That was a bit annoying. It was also frustrating the way her Grandparents treated her, and all the secrets they kept from her, and how she just took it from them. That was annoying, and I hated that. 

I'm not sure if I will read more in this series. It has an interesting plot overall, but I'm a bit annoyed with the characters. 
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