Monday, June 4, 2018

Title: Heart of Fire
Series: Alice Worth #2
Author: Lisa Edmonds

Join Alice. Private Investigator of the Supernatural. 
It has been a rough month for mage private investigator Alice Worth. 
Alice hasn’t had a decent night’s sleep in weeks, her relationship with werewolf Sean Maclin is on the rocks, a federal agent hounds her every step, and a powerful vampire whose ulterior motives have ulterior motives watches her every move. It’s enough to drive any woman to drink.
Just when Alice's ghost sidekick Malcolm is about to stage an intervention, her former employer, Mark Dunlap, enlists her help to find out who’s been kidnapping women off the streets. As the list of the missing grows, the city’s anger turns against the vampires, and the Vampire Court hires Mark and Alice to find those responsible. After the case reunites her with Sean, Alice is forced to confront painful demons from her past, as well as the very real demon who wants her dead and the vampire determined to control her power.
When tragedy strikes close to home and a friend’s life hangs in the balance, Alice goes up against the most powerful adversary she’s ever faced in an explosive showdown that will leave Alice and her city forever changed.


Alice is a bit of a mess after the previous book ended. She's having guy troubles, and she isn't eating or sleeping much. Her guilt is eating away at her. But when she finally starts to snap out of it, it may lead her to a case that will make her whole life change and not for the better. 

This book was good. I wouldn't say it was as good as the first one, but it was still pretty good.  Alice had a lot to work through, and she needed help to do it, but it was difficult for her. Alice is a very strong character, and I enjoyed the struggles that she went through that showed how strong she really was. I also liked how the guy issues worked themselves out. I look forward to reading more in this series!
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