Monday, June 25, 2018

Title: Flatline
Series: Medicine and Magic #1
Author: S.A. Magnusson

I hide from death trying to save lives, but I can’t hide from my magic forever. 

I’ve avoided the magic on the this side of the Veil, staying within the realm of the nonmagical while training as an ER doctor. It’s a way of hiding my dark magic from the mage council. If they discover my type of magic, the chances are good they’ll burn it out of me, and in doing so, destroy my mind. 

Everything changes when I make the mistake of saving a sexy knight of the mage council from a magical attack. Not only am I revealed to the council, but when a high-ranking member of the council is poisoned, and no magical treatment is effective, I’m called upon to figure out what happened—and how to save him. 

Now I’m caught up in a magical plot beyond my abilities. Survival requires I use the dark magic flowing within me, but can I do it and avoid detection? And can I learn why my magic is so different than others with dark magic? 

I’m used to living on the edge of the magical world, but when I’m thrust into the heart of it, I need to use my training to protect me, or I’ll lose everything I’ve worked for. 

Flatline is a fast-paced fantasy mystery with a mixture of medicine and magic that will leave you breathless. 


Kate has tried to do her best to hide her abilities and just try to work as a regular human doctor, but things are changing within her. And when she gets the chance to save someone pretty important things start to get complicated. Now, she is in the thick of things while trying to stay on the down low, but it isn't working out so well for her. 

This book has a very intriguing story line. I really enjoyed the world building, and the over all idea of the store. And I liked the heroine as well. All though, there were somethings that were very confusing at times in this one. I didn't like some of the stuff that happened with Aron and the wolves, that just didn't make sense to me and was never truly explained. And if he is setting up to be the love interesting, I really hate that that part even happened, it was beyond annoying. Other than that I liked the book, but there were still a few parts that were repeated and confusing at times. 

I do look forward to more though because there is something about this that just draws you into it and you need more. 
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