Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Title: #Selfie
Series: Hashtag #4
Author: Cambria Hebert

She was the one girl I never wanted-until I had her. It was one night, one mistake, something we both wanted to forget. I got rid of the proof. The one piece of evidence that could remind us both. At least, I thought I did. When it shows up on the school Buzzfeed, rumors fly. Friendships are tested, and the feels get real. I don't do relationships. I don't open my heart. Especially for a girl everyone knows I hate. What happens during spring break stays in spring break-until it follows you home.


#Selfie is the start of Braeden and Ivy’s story, and a book I’ve been anxious to read. This addition to the Hashtag series stayed firmly in the New Adult genre, and I really loved watching the ladies man fall, and fall hard.

Braeden Walker doesn’t do relationships. He looks only as far as the next ‘just for fun’ candidate. He’s not built for the long term; not with the dark pit buried inside him. He’s seen what that pit can do when it’s given free reign, and he won’t ever allow it to happen. Ivy Forrester was the one woman he never wanted. She’s too high maintenance; worried about her appearance constantly and what people think of her. Braeden doesn’t believe she understands what’s really important. One mistake changes everything. One night. Blame it on the end of Spring Break Blues. Whatever it was, they both want to forget it ever happened. But forgetting is easier said than done. Tension mounts. Something opened up for both Braeden and Ivy that night, and it’s not easily closed off. No matter how often they deny it, they both realize their connection has followed them home. When a forgotten memento of that night is splashed across the University’s Buzzfeed, rumors fly. What happens on Spring Break is supposed to stay in Spring Break. Especially when the two people involved hate each other. But there’s a fine line between love and hate, and Break seems like it’s only the beginning. Can a budding relationship, one started with animosity, survive with the threat of friendships being tested and when a surprising betrayal is revealed?

I have loved Braeden since we met him in book one. Not only has he been a fantastic friend to Romeo, but he also accepted Rimmel with little hesitation. He’s been protective, understanding, supportive, and funny as hell. Despite his reputation with the ladies, I fell hard and fast. The one thing I admired about him was his honesty. He always let girls know the score. It wasn’t a secret he didn’t do relationships. Finding out about his past made his lack of relationships sadly understandable. His inner turmoil was heartbreaking. Where Braeden caught my heart from the very beginning, I was a lot more wary of Ivy. There wasn’t anything she said or did that made me doubt her intentions toward Romeo and Rimmel. It’s just that she became a lot more interested in being Rimmel’s friend after she found out about Romeo. It was a bit suspicious. Luckily, she quickly dispelled these doubts with her supportiveness, thoughtfulness, and fun personality. Given her carefree party-girl attitude, I never would have guessed what was under the facade Ivy projected. It wasn’t that she was ever insincere about anything. She was a typical college student trying to find where she belonged. I just never expected her to be so critical of herself. I was happy she realized the path she was on after things went down with Zach, and I agreed things needed to change, though. I loved Braeden and Ivy together. I don’t think I saw it at first, but as soon as the idea was presented, it made total sense. Their chemistry was off the charts, and I loved that they couldn’t resist when it came to the other. We get to catch up with Rimmel and Romeo, too. I still adore them. We also get more of Trent in this book, and he is dreamy. He was so sweet to Ivy and I definitely want to see more of him. He’s a good addition to the gang. Missy surprised me. No shocked me. I still don’t really know why. Onward to #Poser so I can get some answers. ♡
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