Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Title: The Case of the 202 Clues
Series: The New Adventures of Mary-Kate
and Ashley #1
Author: Nina Alexander

Ashley and I love basset hounds! Our dog Clue is the best basset hound of them all - she helps us solve mysteries! And we needed her help when basset hounds were suddenly reported missing all over town.
But Clue was too sad to follow the trail. Her best dogfriend, Sparky, had also disappeared. And then Clue was snatched right from under our noses!
Oh no! How are we ever going to find so many missing dogs when we were totally clueless?


This was a really cute and fun read! It begins with a missing dog and puppy, and then turns into a whole lot more missing dogs and puppies. I want a dog like Clue now! This was great. I really enjoyed the energy of the story, and the characters as well. This was something I read as a kid, and I love them now as well! 
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