Thursday, April 5, 2018

Title: Wicked Ghosts
Series: Harper Harlow & Ivy Morgan Mystery
Author: Lily Harper Hart

It’s vacation time for Harper Harlow and her boyfriend Jared Monroe. They have big plans to head to northern Lower Michigan for a wine tasting event – which happens to be close to a small town called Shadow Lake – and they’re even taking Zander and Shawn along for the ride.
In Shadow Lake, Ivy Morgan finds herself in a good mood. It’s officially the start of morel season (her favorite holiday) and she knows exactly how she’s going to spend the next three weeks of her life, much to her fiancé Jack Harker’s chagrin.
Everything changes when the two groups meet in the woods – the whimsy of morel hunting too much for Harper’s group to turn away from – and they happen to stumble across a body. It seems a local woman, a party enthusiast with a bad reputation, was shot down in the middle of the forest and it appears someone is out there hunting people rather than animals or mushrooms … making for a very dangerous morel season.
When Harper and Ivy meet, they’re instantly intrigued. They’re used to being the only magical people in the room, and now they have someone to compare notes with.
Jared and Jack are worried about the growing bond, especially when Harper and Ivy decide to solve a mystery … and put themselves in harm’s way to do it.
It’s double the hands on deck for this one when Jared and Jack find themselves in a race against time to track down their troublesome females, terror driving them in case death catches up with them first.
It’s a magical meeting and showdown, and none of them are ever going to be the same again.

Note: This is a full-length crossover mystery featuring characters from the Ivy Morgan and Harper Harlow series.


Harper and Jared along with their friends are going on vacation to a wine tasting. When they get to this new town they end up hunting for mushrooms, even though Zander doesn't like this idea. :) And that is when Harper meets Ivy. Things take a turn for the worse when a dead body is found and all of them decide to get in on the mystery. 

This book was one of my favorites. I adored Harper and Ivy together! They were great. And the author does a great job of showing how different, yet alike they are as well. And the boyfriends are much the same. This was just so awesome. I look forward to more now. 
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