Friday, April 27, 2018

Title: Truthsight
Series: The Outcast Mage #1
Author: Miriam Greystone

Doctor Amy spends her nights running a secret clinic for supernatural creatures. When she is forced to use her magic to save the lives of a centaur infant and its mother, she vows never to regret her decision, no matter the consequences. Not even when the Mages capture her, beat her, and condemn her to die. 

Before the sentence can be carried out, Amy is abducted by a mysterious being named Rowan, who demands she use her healing abilities to save his father. But when Amy fails to save the ailing man, her actions unintentionally force Rowan into an exile that will soon turn into a death sentence.

Now Rowan and Amy must join forces with the creatures who were once her patients and fight to uncover the one secret that may be powerful enough to save them all.


This story begins with Amy helping out at the clinic she has, but when one of her patients may end up dying she uses her powers to help save her. That ends up bringing a world of trouble to her door, and she must do what she can to save those around her. 

This book was okay. I liked the over all idea of the story, but I had a hard time connecting with the characters. And I was a bit annoyed with how they skipped from one thing to another, I got lost a little along the way. Other than that, it was interesting, and I did like it. 
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