Saturday, April 7, 2018

Title: Grim Tempest
Series: Aisling Grimlock #8
Author: Amanda M. Lee

Life should be good for Aisling Grimlock. She’s engaged to a great guy, she’s getting the hang of being a reaper, and her rich father spoils her rotten on a regular basis. All that changes when a series of storms hit and the Michigan populace starts turning downright dangerous. 
The streets are running with blood as people turn on one another for no good reason and the hospital is filling up with the sick and injured. That’s on top of the ones who are dying in terrible fashion … and leaving nothing but angst in their wake. 
Right from the beginning, Aisling is convinced the storms are magical in origin. Of course, because she’s prone to theatrical fits, no one believes her … until the storms hit a little too close to home and Aisling herself is in danger from the one person she trusts above all others. 
As a cop, Griffin Davenport is used to putting his life on the line. What he’s not comfortable with is being a threat to the people he’s supposed to be helping. The storms, you see, don’t affect reapers but those they love are in a heap of danger. 
Aisling is determined to find the source of the storms, even if it leads to someone in her own family. She’s willing to claw, scratch and fight until the danger is eliminated. She’s also willing to whine, cajole and beg if it means she gets her way. 
A big fight is coming, and it will be under a cloudy sky. Will the Grimlocks live to reap another day or have they finally found an enemy that’s big enough to take them out?


Aisling has figured out that the storms are causing weird things to happen among the people in her town. But, no one really believes her, until they see it happen. Now, the whole family will do everything they can to put a stop to it before someone ends up dead. 

This book was pretty good. I enjoyed Aisling and Griffin together, and I loved the other characters as well. The only thing I didn't like was Aisling's mom. I really can't wait for something to finally happen with her and she be out of the picture. She's frustrating, and I don't like her. 

Other than that, I thought this one was really good, and I'm excited for more now as well. 
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