Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Title: Fused in Fire
Series: Fire and Ice Trilogy #3
Author: K.F. Breene

The gripping conclusion of the bestselling Fire and Ice Trilogy! 

I'd thought the threat from Seattle was finished. That we showed up in time and took care of business. 

I hate being wrong. It really ruins my day. 

When Roger, the alpha of the North American pack, shows up at my door with the news that a demon has made it to the Underworld with knowledge of me, some hard decisions have to be made. 

Do I stay above ground, with all my magical friends, and wait for the battle to come to me? Or do I seek the demon out, and pluck the threat out by the root? 

I don’t want my friends to die on my behalf. I could never life with myself. But if I venture into the Underworld, it’ll be the most perilous journey of my life. 

This time, it isn’t just my life hanging in the balance, it is my eternity.


Reagan and Darius are getting closer now, and things are getting complicated. When they realize that the demons might be aware of her, she knows there is only one option she must do. But, that will involve having Darius closer than she ever imagined. 

These two must work together in order to keep her secret safe. 
But will they succeed? 

This book was really very good, and it would have been five starts if it had actually really concluded things. I know there is a spin off with these characters having a part in it as well, but I feel like this just wasn't finished. And we technically never really figure out exactly what she is. Other than that, I loved the action and adventure in this one, and of course, the romance as well. I do look forward to seeing these characters again. 
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