Saturday, March 24, 2018

Title: Dragon Lord
Series: Dragons & Phoenixes #1
Author: Miranda Martin & Nadia Hunter

The world outside the cities went to hell a long time ago. When pollution got so bad it burned away the ozone layer, humans built protective domes in order to survive. Now, between the radiated air and the fighting among dragons and phoenixes, it's not safe to go outside. 

I'm a transporter. Self employed in a dangerous world, delivering valuable goods from client to recipient. But I never take on the more lucrative dome to dome jobs. 

When someone breaks into my apartment looking to hire me, I refuse flat out. One, I don't like being forced. Two, the job requires leaving the dome. Three, the package is a sun-sick kid. Half-human, half-phoenix and I'm supposed to take him back to his phoenix family. Oh hell no! 

But the client reveals he knows my secret, blackmailing me into a job I don't want with stakes that grow higher each day. 

I have to take the kid straight through the Dragon Lord's territory. Everyone knows that's suicide. Coming face to face with the dominant, sexy Dragon Lord reveals the truth about my heritage and puts me in more danger than I knew existed.


Dragon Lord begins when Mia is forced to take a job transporting a child to the Phoenix territory, but in order to get there she must travel outside of the dome, and through the Dragon's territory. Things get really complicated for her when the dragons catch her, and it is up to her to figure out what the next plan should be. 

This book started off really good. It had a very interesting story line, and engaging kickass heroine. The problem with it was about 60% into the book it felt very rushed, and the whole story just sort of dimmed somewhat. It just wasn't as good as the first half of it. It was still very interesting, but it could have been better. I wouldn't mind reading more in this series, but I was hoping for more from this one. 
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