Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Title: Deadly Ties
Series: Cree Blue Psychic Eye #4
Author: Kate Allenton

A mischievous ghost. A family secret. Cryptic, unsolvable clues. Just another mystery in the life of Cree Blue. 

Cree Blue doesn’t play by the rules, not when it comes to the people she loves. Other people’s opinions have never factored into her decisions. She’s kind of stubborn like that. 

When tragedy strikes close to home and threatens the very fabric of her personal Zen, she’s determined to solve the mystery. With a little help from her friends and an unruly ghost, she needs to find the killer and fast. When the clues start disappearing, and it turns into a race for the truth, she dusts off the running shoes she’s been saving for a zombie apocalypse to get the answers they all need, even if this is one mystery better left unsolved.


Cree is going a little crazy with recent changes in her life. She needs some of her family back together, and when a new family member shows up things get even more crazy for her. However, things are getting a little bit complicated with her trying to find a killer, and it may end up too late for her to save everyone.

This book was okay. I felt like it was a little slow and kept going over the same thing, but other than that I enjoyed the humor and the drama. The mystery was interesting as well, and I do look forward to more. 
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