Friday, March 2, 2018

Title: Change of Fortune
Series: Miss Fortune Mystery #11
Author: Jana Deleon

Sinful, Louisiana, is always a hotbed of activity, and despite the steamy heat, August is no exception. 

Godzilla is terrorizing the town, looking for a home-cooked meal, and Gertie is worried someone will take the gator out before she can get him under control. Francine has a situation of her own at the café, where food is missing from inventory. And Celia is always up to no good. 

But summer is almost over, which could mean huge changes for Fortune Redding. Her undercover time in Sinful has always been limited to three months, and that time is almost up. With Ahmad still on the loose, Fortune is forced to remain in hiding, but soon she'll have to move to another town and start all over with a new identity. And that's the last thing she wants to do. 

Determined to get her life back, Fortune decides to draw Ahmad out and end this once and for all. Can Fortune take down one of the most dangerous men in the world? And if she can, does she have a future in Sinful?


In this book, Fortune has had enough of being in hiding she's ready to get rid of Ahmad once and for all, even if that means putting her life on the line. Her friends aren't sure this is a good idea, but they go along with it, and they are also worried she may not decide to stay with them. But Fortune is ready for a new life, and to get that she must end her old one. 

This book was really good. It was funny, had great suspense and action, and a dash of romance. However, I wish Carter and Fortune's relationship was just a little bit "more." Other than that I loved it! And now I can't wait for more. 
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