Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Title: Wraith
Author: Helen Harper

Magic. Shadows. Adventure. Romance.

Saiya Buchanan is a wraith, able to detach her shadow from her body and send it off to do her bidding. But, unlike most of her kin, Saiya doesn't deal in death. Instead, she trades secrets - and in the goblin besieged city of Stirling in Scotland, they're a highly prized commodity. It might just be, however, that the goblins have been hiding the greatest secret of them all. When Gabriel de Florinville, a Dark Elf, is sent as royal envoy into Stirling and takes her prisoner, Saiya is not only going to uncover the sinister truth. She's also going to realise that sometimes the deepest secrets are the ones locked within your own heart.

This is a stand-alone urban fantasy novel.


Saiya does her best to help out her friends, but when someone is kidnapped, she will do everything she can to help save them. However, when a spying mission goes wrong and a Dark Elf discovers her things go from bad to worse, and she must figure it out before it is too late. 

This book was really interesting. I enjoyed the heroine a whole lot. She was brave, fierce, and extremely awesome. Add in a pretty awesome hero to the mix, and you've got a great Urban Fantasy. I really thought this book was good, and I wouldn't mind reading more about these characters. 
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