Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Title: Stormy Seas
Series: Rowan Gray #3
Author: Lily Harper Hart

It’s not Halloween but horror is hitting The Bounding Storm … and Rowan Gray couldn’t be more excited. 
That’s right, the Indie Horror Movies are being held on the ship and that means the entire guest list is made up of members of the B-movie industry. As a horror buff, Rowan is having trouble containing her enthusiasm. She can’t wait to meet some of her favorites, although the experience might not be all she dreamed about. 
From a security perspective, the awards don’t offer up much trouble for Quinn Davenport – other than the expensive camera serving as the grand prize. He’s more interested in keeping Rowan out of trouble than anything else. 
When Rowan’s special gift rears its ugly head and one of the biggest actresses falls under a death omen, Quinn and Rowan find themselves in the unenviable position of watching her without tipping their hands. When she goes missing, they expect the worst … and that’s long before death officially comes calling. 
Rowan may love horror movies but she doesn’t enjoy fiction intruding on real life. Something big is going on – and it seems all the guests have a secret. Rowan needs to sort through the lies, discover the truth, and find a way to save the day. 
That’s if she herself survives, of course, which is no guarantee on a ship full of potential killers. 
A storm is coming, and a killer is in their midst. It’s anybody’s guess who will make it to the final credits. 


 Rowan is excited when a horror convention is coming on the ship. But her excitement starts to dwindle when she realizes that the people aren't what she thought they would be. Then you add in a guest who is missing, and Rowan's omen on the some pictures, and things aren't looking great. 

Rowan and Quinn must figure out what is going on before it is too late. 

This book was a bit frustrating to me. I liked it, but I felt like it was almost a repeat of the previous book. And it was beyond annoying the issues Quinn kept having with women. I could understand that happened in the previous book because it was full of women, but this was ridiculous and very annoying. 

Other than that I liked it, but I was hoping that Rowan would develop more with her "gift" she has. I hope more will come of that in the next book. 
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