Sunday, August 6, 2017

Title: Paw Enforcement
Series: Paw Enforcement #1
Author: Diane Kelly

Introducing police officer Megan Luz and her loyal K-9 partner Brigit—two Fort Worth cops who are worth their weight in kibble.


Officer Luz is lucky she still has a job after tasering a male colleague where it counts the most. Sure, he had it coming—which is why the police chief is giving Megan a second chance. The catch? Her new partner can’t carry a gun, can’t drive a cruiser, and can’t recite the Miranda Rights. Because her new partner is a big furry police dog. So that’s what the chief meant when he called Megan’s partner a real b*tch…


With Brigit out on the beat, Megan is writing up enough tickets to wallpaper the whole station. But when a bomb goes off at the mall’s food court, it’s up to Megan and Brigit to start digging—and sniffing—for clues. With the help of dead-sexy bomb-squad expert Seth Rutledge and his own canine partner named Blast, Megan finds herself in a desperate race to collar a killer. Will justice be served—or will she end up in the doghouse?

"Readers should be prepared for a laugh fest. Diane Kelly is first class."—Night Owl Romance


 Megan is a rookie cop who ends up doing something crappy to her partner. Now, it's either be fired, or a get a new partner that has four legs and a ton of fur. Megan does what she can with her new partner, but when bombs start going off things get complicated for Megan.  And when the cute bomb squad officer and his dog keep coming around Megan and Brigit things get even more complicated for Megan. 

This book was hilarious! I adored it. I thought the plot line was funny, and interesting, although I got annoyed with the bad guys point of view at times. 

But other than that I really liked it a lot. However, I'm not sure if I like Megan and her love interest together, I feel like he isn't treating her right, and I hope things start looking up for her.

I can't wait to read more in this series. 
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