Friday, August 4, 2017

Title: Killer Heels
Series: Molly Forrester Mystery#1
Author: Sheryl J. Anderson

All Molly Forrester wants is to find that one big story that can redirect her journalism career away from the sex/relationship advice column she writes for Zeitgeist magazine ("wedged somewhere between Marie Claire and Cosmo") and back to the serious news business. But she didn't expect to trip over it, especially when "it" turned out to be the bloody body of one of her coworkers, and she certainly didn't expect to ruin her brand new Jimmy Choos over it. Never mind, though--she knows that solving the murder of one of the magazine world's most notorious lady's men will solve all her problems, including assauging her guilt for blowing a month's salary on a pair of shoes ruined in one night. All Molly needs is a little help from her girlfriends, and perhaps a few detecting lessons from that cute homicide detective.... Or is he cozying up because he thinks she's a killer?

Sheryl Anderson delivers this totally charming, wildly clever, and puzzling debut about murder - and sex - in the Big Apple. What her characters find, is that, compared to negotiating Manhattan's singles scene, solving one eensy teensy stabbing shouldn't be that big a deal, right?


Molly is a reporter for a magazine that writes a lot of "fluff" pieces. When one of her co-workers is murdered in the office, and she almost trips over the body, things get serious for Molly. She's going to find out what really happened, even if it means going against the hot detective Edwards orders. But when the detectives start to suspect Molly things get even more complicated. 

This book was okay. I was a little bored at times, but I thought it was interesting at other times. I didn't like how Molly's relationship with Edwards worked out. I felt like that wasn't explained very well, and I didn't really understand what was going on either. 

I also hated the fact that she wouldn't just break up with the current guy she was dating, that was just stupid in my opinion and made me think less of Molly. 

I'm not sure if I will read more in this series, but it was a funny read to pass the time with. 
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