Monday, August 7, 2017

Title: Freaky Games
Series: A Mystic Caravan Mystery #4
Author: Amanda M. Lee

Look out Sin City, here comes the Mystic Caravan Circus. 
The city that never sleeps has something lurking in the darkness and Poet Parker can’t decide if it’s friend or foe. The rich history of the area comes into play when research uncovers a mine disaster more than a hundred years in the past … and a tragic outcome that still haunts the locale to this day. 
Between dust storms bringing forth a creature with glowing red eyes, screams in the desert and Poet’s increasing conviction that they’re not alone, the team has their hands full. That’s on top of the fact that Max decides now is the time to make his move and get to know his son – who also happens to be Poet’s boyfriend – in a new light and the unwelcome realization that Luke has seemingly become obsessed with gambling. 
Poet’s attention is split in numerous directions, although Luke’s quagmire is closest to her heart. She wants to help her best friend, even as he spirals out of control. He’s not the same best friend she’s spent the past few years loving, but she’s determined to get him back … even if it means facing off with some of Las Vegas’ most perilous residents. 
The mystical world of the circus is due to collide with the dangerous underbelly of the gambling world and the two sides might not be as far apart as they initially assume. 
When the dust storm settles – and the final battle is upon them – more than one person will be in danger … and Poet will have to make a hard choice to protect those she loves while sacrificing someone else to the unending darkness. 
It’s the ultimate game, but money isn’t the only thing at risk.


Poet and her boyfriend are doing great now. They are in the "honeymoon" stage of the relationship and it's all working out really well for them. But Luke is giving Poet a hard time, especially when he stops listening to her when she has a bad feeling about a casino in Vegas. Now, Poet and Raven seem to be getting a long in order to fight this weird "figment" and things are just getting more and more out of control. 

This book was not as great as some of the previous books, but it was still pretty interesting. I was hoping to see more with Poet and Kade, but that didn't really happen. It was mainly about Poet and Luke having a hard time. I got really annoyed with their relationship in this book. It was kind of annoying at times, and I was beyond frustrated with Luke. 

But I still liked it, and I enjoyed Raven for once. She was actually pretty cool, and Max finally came out of hiding, so that was great too. I look forward to more in this series. 
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