Friday, July 28, 2017

Title: Whiskey, You're The Devil
Series: An Addison Holmes Mystery #4
Author: Liliana Hart

Things are looking up for Addison Holmes. She's about to take her P.I. exams, she's living in sin with the man of her dreams, and she hasn't had a phone call from her mother in three whole days. But she should have known things were too good to last. 

When Rosemarie Valentine's fingerprints are found on the murder weapon used to kill a sex shop owner, it's up to Addison and the gang to clear her name before Rosemarie is thrown in the pokey with no hope of getting out again. 

With the help of Nick, Savage, Kate, and Addison's mom and sister, what could possibly go wrong?


In the fourth book of the series, Addison is fixing to take her P.I exams, and her good friend is being fingered for murder. However, she didn't do it, and now things are getting complicated when there is some tension between Nick, and Addison. And Savage is back in town and trying to put the moves on Addison again. 

This makes a world of trouble for Addison and what she's going to do next. 

This book was okay. I'm really annoyed with the whole strange wannabe love triangle thing between Addison, Nick, and Savage. 

Other than that, I liked this one, but it wasn't as good as previous books. And it ended on a major cliffhanger. Now, I'm annoyed with the characters, but I'm excited to find out what happens next. 
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