Sunday, July 9, 2017

Title: Shifter's Shadow
Series: Legion of Angels #5
Author: Ella Summers

Next to the powers of heaven and hell, we are nothing. 

“So this was just one gigantic, cosmic war between light and dark magic. And we were only a small part of it, a tiny dot in the gods’ empire. It was no wonder that they saw us as insignificant.” 

Tested by the gods, Leda and her angelic mate Nero venture into the City of Ashes, a fallen fortress in the Western Wilderness where nightmarish monsters reign supreme and an ancient secret is buried. To survive the Gods’ Trials, they will have to save the city—and they will have to do it without their magic. 

Their victory, however, comes at a heavy price. And the secret they uncover will upset the balance of power between Earth and heaven. 

Shifter’s Shadow is the fifth book in the Legion of Angels series. 

The Legion of Angels series Vampire's Kiss Witch's Cauldron Siren's Song Dragon's Storm Shifter’s Shadow Book 6 [coming soon]


In this book, Leda and Nero are going on a mission to help Nero reach the next level. They must find a way to stay alive, and complete their mission, no matter what it takes. However, when it is all said in done, it is the Gods they must answer to, and that makes things a bit tricky. 

This one wasn't as good as previous books in the series. I was annoyed with how close it seemed Nero and Leda were in the beginning, then it was like he just vanished out of the book for the most part, till more towards the end. 

Other than that I will say I did enjoy this one, even though I felt like a lot of stuff didn't really happen in it. And Leda did good trying to save the day. 

The ending was the best part of the book, and I look forward to more in the next book. 
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