Saturday, July 8, 2017

Title: Misprints & Mistakes
Series: Avery Shaw #8
Author: Amanda M. Lee

Avery Shaw is in a funny spot.
Her best friend is pregnant, her cousin’s girlfriend is up to something and her boyfriend has serious issues on the brain.
When teenager Sierra Jackson goes missing, Avery is in a unique position to scoop everyone. The girl’s fighting family is more concerned with a messy divorce and pointing fingers than helping find Sierra, so Avery becomes obsessed with discovering her whereabouts on her own.
When allegations of misconduct land on Avery, things spiral out of control. Instead of dealing with her issues, she picks a fight with her long-suffering boyfriend Eliot and the ensuing argument is one for the ages.
Avery has to deal with the fallout of false accusations, get her boyfriend back – which involves (gulp) apologizing – and find a missing girl before the unthinkable happens.
It’s all in a day’s work for this hardworking reporter – and the world better look out when she decides to go on the warpath.
Avery knows all about fighting families, but she also knows about loyalty. She’s going to find the missing girl if it’s the last thing she does – and it very well might be.


A young girl has gone missing, and Avery is smack dab in the middle of it. She's also getting into trouble at work and being taken off of a case for now, and fighting with her boyfriend. Then throw in the fact that her best friend is pregnant, and her cousin's girlfriend is hiding something important and you have Avery out to fix it out or make it worse. 

I thought this book was really good even though I was upset with Avery and Eliot fighting, it didn't last long. And I really loved the outcome of it as well. 

Then Avery starting realizing that she could do everything she could to find this missing girl, especially since she has a gut feeling about it. Avery will stop at nothing to find her and solve the case before it too late. 

Avery is a great heroine now. I had my doubts in the beginning, and she can still get a little crazy, but this was awesome. I love her and Eliot together. They make a great team, and a great couple as well. I can't wait for more! 
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