Monday, July 31, 2017

Title: Grim Reunion
Series: Aisling Grimlock #4
Author: Amanda M. Lee

Aisling Grimlock has a lot going on. 
Her boyfriend is keeping a secret … with her brother. She’s finally on her own collecting souls for the family reaping business. Oh, and her mother is back from the dead and may be eating people to keep herself alive. 
When trouble comes knocking and someone Aisling adores is left injured in the crossfire, she’s out for blood and vengeance. Her brothers want to believe their mother is telling the truth – and part of Aisling does, too – but protecting those she loves is more important than buried memories. 
Griffin vows to stand by Aisling, but he’s out of his element and worried the weight of the world may drag her down. He fears he doesn’t have the strength to stop it. 
Aisling wants the truth, and she’s willing to fight to get it. Sometimes a good lie is better than a bad truth, though, and Aisling might not like what she finds at the end of memory lane. 
The final fight is between good and evil, but who will end up on what side?


This time in this awesome series, Aisling's mother is back from the dead for sure. And she believes that her mother may not be coming around because she misses the family, it may be something far more dangerous. 

Also, Aisling's boyfriend and twin seem to be up to something, and when someone close to Aisling gets hurt, she will stop at nothing to get them back and help them. 

This was another great read in this series that I adored. I loved Aisling and all her antics. I also really enjoyed the progress in her relationship with Griffin as well. It was awesome. 

This book was hilarious, and awesome. I can't wait for more. 
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