Monday, July 31, 2017

Title: Grim Holiday
Series: Aisling Grimlock #6
Author: Amanda M. Lee

Christmas is supposed to be a happy time but Aisling Grimlock is feeling anything but festive. For her, the world seems to be shrinking and good cheer is hard to find. 
Her live-in boyfriend Griffin Taylor is in a good mood. His shopping is done, he’s happy with their new living arrangements and his mother is coming to visit. This will be the first time she meets the Grimlock family … and Aisling has her doubts about how smooth the meeting will go. 
Aisling’s worry about meeting Griffin’s mother takes a backseat when a new enemy appears, this one haunting Aisling in mirrors and turning up at the exact wrong time. The creature seems fascinated with Aisling – following her from one mirror to the next – and threatening her very survival. 
The Grimlocks are going to have to join together when one of their own goes down, banding together as a united front to make sure the thing they love most – their family – isn’t torn apart. 
Christmas is coming … and so is trouble. Survival isn’t a given this year, but the Grimlocks won’t give up without a fight.


Aisling is going to be meeting Griffin's mom for the first time this Christmas. This is also their first Christmas together, and things are getting even more crazy for Aisling. On top of that, something in the mirror is stalking Aisling, and she doesn't understand it. 

When something horrible happens to Aisling, all the men her life do what they can to try to make things better. But it may not be enough! 

This book was utterly amazing! I adored Aisling, and everything that happened with her, even though I laughed I also cried at times too. This book was actually very emotional and not just hilarious either. I loved Griffin and Aisling, and I'm really tired of her mother, but other than that I very much enjoyed this one, and I can't wait for more. 
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