Monday, July 3, 2017

Title: Ghostly Issues
Series: A Harper Harlow Mystery #2
Author: Lily Harper Hart

Harper Harlow has the world at her fingertips, and the weight of the world on her shoulders. 
Whisper Cove’s resident ghost hunter finds that her professional life is soaring – while her personal life is floundering. She’s on a man diet – and nothing is going to tempt her, or so she swears. 
Jared Monroe thought ten days away was nothing – until Harper’s anger hit him square in the face, and the heart, upon his return to town. He didn’t mean to hurt her, but a woman’s anger runs deep. 
When a teenager is found in a local park, Jared and Harper find their paths intersecting … again. 
Derek Thompson may have been looking forward to a bright future, but now he’s only looking back at a tortured past as his murderer runs free. 
Jared and Harper have to work together – and face their issues – if they want to put Derek to rest. Working together is a great idea … until their hormones get in the way. 
Can this couple find common ground? And, more importantly, can the dark underbelly of Whisper Cove survive the sordid truth? Only time will tell, and Jared and Harper are running out of it


In the second book of the series Harlow thinks that Jared doesn't want her anymore since he didn't call while he was away for ten days. But she doesn't really know the truth and when she finds out, she may decide that he isn't so different from her after all. 

But when he comes back to town it's to have another dead body crop up, and Harlow can see this ghost again, so this time they must work together to help solve the murder. 

This one was a lot better than the first one, but it still wasn't great. I loved the cheesy parts, but then at times it went a little overboard. I really enjoyed the relationship between Harlow and Jared, but I just wish there was a little bit more to the story. I wish Harper had been a better detective type person or something. 

Other than that I did like this one, but I'm not sure if I will read more in the series now. 
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