Saturday, July 1, 2017

Title: Ghostly Interests
Series: A Harper Harlow Mystery #1
Author: Lily Harper Hart

Harper Harlow lives in a world of ghosts. 
She sees them. She talks to them. She investigates them. She sends them on their merry way. 
She’s not embarrassed by her abilities, and she’s not afraid to be who she is. She’s also not looking for a relationship. 
Enter Jared Monroe, a smooth-talking police detective who sees things in black and white and ignores any shades of gray. He doesn’t believe in ghosts, and while he’s intrigued by the feisty blonde ghost detective, he’s not interested in the paranormal. 
When twenty-one-year-old Annie Dresden’s body washes up on the beach of Whisper Cove, Harper and Jared collide. Sparks may be flying, but so is confusion and mistrust. 
Harper calls on her loyal band of ghost hunters to solve the crime, and Jared relies on his training to tackle the same problem. It doesn’t matter what approach they take because all paths are destined to intersect. 
Can Harper and Jared learn to work together? And, more importantly, can new ghosts let go of the past and give in to an obscure future? It’s anyone’s guess when big personalities go to war and find they might have more in common than they think


Harper can see ghosts. Most people don't believe her, but her job is to help ghosts cross over, and there are more out there than you would think. 

When a new cop comes to town, and a murder is taken place on his first day. He thinks Harlow is a fake, and taking advantage of people, but that doesn't stop him from being attracted to her. She feels the same, but knows he doesn't believe her, so she's unsure where there relationship can go. 

This book was okay. It had a nice story line, and great characters. But it felt rushed, and not enough of a mystery really. Harper didn't do too much in it, other than a few things, and that was frustrating. 

Other than that I did like it, but I'm not sure if I will read more, and I thought it was pretty funny at times as well. 
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