Monday, July 10, 2017

Title: Freaky Days
Series: Mystic Caravan #1
Author: Amanda M. Lee

The show must go on … even when monsters are afoot. 

Poet Parker is Romani by birth and a fortune teller by choice. As a member of Mystic Caravan Circus, she’s spent the past ten years using her psychic talents to tell people what their future holds by day and hunting paranormal monsters by night. 

You see, Mystic Caravan is more than just a circus – it’s also a force of good in a world that needs help fighting evil. 

Poet is set in her ways – and happy with her life – until Kade Denton shows up and upends the entire operation. He’s loud and proud – and Poet doesn’t like anyone telling her what to do. 

As the new head of security, Kade thinks his only job is going to be tackling drunken revelers when they get out of hand. He’s in for a rude – and bloody – awakening. 

When monsters strike and the truth comes out, Kade finds he has to learn on the job with Poet as his somewhat reluctant instructor. 

Sparks are flying – both real and figurative – and when a truly terrible beast targets the circus for extermination it’s all magical hands on deck for the final showdown. 

Some things are born evil, but the people in Mystic Caravan were born to fight it. 

Prepare to be amazed.


Poet is set in her ways at the circus she works at. And the circus is not all it appears to be, it is more paranormal than that. And now, when a new guy shows up, Kade, he and Poet can't stay away from each other even though they are starting off on the wrong foot. 

This book was okay, it wasn't really great, but it has a lot of potential in this series.  Freaky Days is really freaky at times, but it was also very interesting. I loved the relationship between Kade and Poet, however, I hated the issues with Raven in all of the books. It was ridiculous at times, but other than I really liked it a lot. 

It had a strange atmosphere to it due to the circus, although there isn't a lot of stuff going on with that, it was still interesting. I look forward to more now. 
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