Sunday, July 9, 2017

Title: The Deal
Series: Succubus Bargain #2
Author: L.L. Frost

Locked out of her apartment with nowhere to go, Adie’s day goes from bad to worse when she finds out she’s been accused of breaking demonic law. While hunting down a red hot demon, seeking refuge with her mentor, and doing a little research, Adie finds herself stalked by more than misfortune. No matter how many times she throws it away, the contract from K & B Financial keeps popping up everywhere she goes. She has a sneaking suspicion that her chance encounter with the trio of sexy demons might be at the root of all her problems. The more she discovers, the more complicated her life becomes, and soon Adie suspects she’s stumbled into a trap. 

With no home to retreat to and misfortune all around, Adie’s dream of opening a bakery is quickly slipping away. Can she figure out a way to get ahead of three determined demons without abandoning the life she’s built? 

Join Adie on her (mis)adventures towards achieving a quasi-normal life among humans. 


In the second book of this serial there wasn't a lot that happened really. Other than Adie trying to find out more information on the demons that are making her life hell. 
As she does this, she also finds out that she isn't the first succubus this has happened to, and now she will do what she can to make the deal of her life. 

This one was okay. I hate that there really wasn't a lot of information in it. I wished that had been a little bit more of, but other than that I liked it, and I do look forward to more. 

The only other thing that bugged me was this is going to be an RH, but these demons have apparently already had a succubus before, so that kind of makes it not so special to me for Adie to get with them. 

But I'm hoping it will all work out in the end. 
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