Friday, July 28, 2017

Title: Black and Green
Series: The Ghost Bird #11
Author: C.L Stone

From USA TODAY Bestselling Author, C. L. Stone, read Black and Green, the much-anticipated eleventh book in The Academy Ghost Bird Series.

Sang Sorenson’s father abandoned her and her sister, leaving them to fend for themselves for months. He’s returned, and finds Sang is missing. He demands she return. Right now.

Will he call the police if she doesn’t?

Her Academy team doesn’t want to risk losing her ghost status and she doesn’t want to put them in danger, so she reluctantly returns home, but is comforted that she will still be monitored by them.

But the second she opens the door, she discovers her father has made changes that will affect her entire future. His decisions will make them a normal family.

Normal is no longer what Sang wants. It would kill her Academy career before it ever started. Not to mention it would end the special, new, and still-fragile relationships with the guys.

Sang struggles with her family, her identity, and where she truly belongs. Now that the entire team knows about their romantic relationships with her, tensions are mounting, tearing the team apart from the inside.

Only, Dr. Green isn't going to lie down and roll over by playing by the rules. Not anymore. Not while Sang is at risk.

His heart can’t take leaving her in that house one more minute. He needs her. They all do.

The Academy: Worth Risking All


Sang is being rushed back home from camp because her father is back in town at her house. She feels like she's going back to that scared girl again when the boys first found her. And she's going back into the house without protection, and she hasn't been feeling well lately. All the guys are worried and at odds with each other because they don't know how to deal with this situation. 

But they must figure it out soon before something bad happens. 

This book was pretty good. I didn't enjoy seeing Sang sort of revert to herself the way she was in the beginning of the series, but I did enjoy reading more of the guys point of views. 
Also, I thought the story line was interesting, but I was a little bit annoyed with how Sang handled the situation. 

I was really happy with what happened in the end of the book. I can't wait to find out what happens next for Sang and the guys. I thoroughly enjoyed the outcome, so I'm super excited for more. 
by Shooting Stars Reviews 9:53 AM 2 comments


  1. More and more I find myself saying "I was annoyed with Sang". I still have to read this one though!

  2. I know what you mean, Samantha. I say that sometimes my self.


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