Monday, July 10, 2017

Title: The Bigfoot Blunder
Series: Charlie Rhodes Mystery #1
Author: Amanda M. Lee

The truth is out there … maybe.
Charlie Rhodes has a lot going on. The recent college graduate just landed her dream job. That’s right. She’s a bona fide monster hunter. No, you read that right. Charlie has joined the Legacy Foundation, and her actual job is to find something new, wonderful and scientifically unique.
Her first job as the junior member of the team involves a biggie. It seems Bigfoot – no, the one and only Sasquatch extraordinaire itself – may have killed a woman in Hemlock Cove, Michigan. Within hours of landing at her new job Charlie finds herself traveling to an odd little town in the middle of nowhere to discover if Bigfoot is real.
Charlie hits the ground running, excitement practically overwhelming her. The dead woman worked at a local resort and was very popular with her male colleagues. That means there are plenty of human suspects, but Charlie and her team are determined to prove the culprit was animal, not human.
Hemlock Cove boasts numerous mysteries, of course, and when the team checks in to a local inn called The Overlook they find a gaggle of wacky women to contend with. On top of the potential Bigfoot issue, Charlie is convinced there’s something going on with the Winchester women and she’s determined to get to the bottom of the secrets she’s convinced they’re keeping.
That’s on top of the fact that Charlie is keeping her own secret. She’s psychic and telekinetic – and exactly the sort of person the Legacy Foundation would like to find. That means she’s hiding in plain sight, and she’s desperate to make sure nobody figures that out.
Charlie is in for a wild ride, one that includes a magical adventure and concludes with a potentially deadly face-off. Will she survive long enough to catch a second case, or will she fall victim to a killer that could come in almost any form?


The Bigfoot Blunder begins when Charlie gets a new job. She is attracted to one of her co-workers even though he is a real jerk, and she's interested to learn more about herself and her abilities while keeping them a secret from those around her. On her first case with her new team, things get complicated. 

She's super eager to learn, but she seems to be obsessed with a family in the town they are visiting, and when secrets come out she's not sure who she can trust, but she's going to try to figure it out before it too late. 

This book was really good for the start of the series. I enjoyed the heroine a whole lot, even though the talk of "crushes" on guys that were taken or hooked on someone else was very annoying, and a bit frustrating. 

Other than that this is a very exciting series, and I can't wait for more! 
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