Sunday, July 23, 2017

Title: Vega
Series: The Stardust Series #4
Author: Autumn Reed & Julia Clarke

Note to Readers: Chamaeleon (Book 3.5 of The Stardust Series) must be read before Vega to fully understand the storyline. 

Haley walked away from Knox, Theo, Chase, Jackson, and Liam, believing it was the best thing for everyone. But, when Theo and Knox appear in Portland months later, pleading for her to come home, she can’t find the strength to refuse. 

With a radical plan in place, Haley returns to Santa Cruz, more determined than ever to keep Team Jaguar intact. Will her growing connection with each of the guys ultimately lead to happiness, or will it all end in heartbreak?


Vega begins where the previous book left off. Haley has been found by the guys, and she's not sure if she should go back or not. But when they come up with several solutions to her problems things get interesting for Haley and the rest of the guys quickly. 

This was a great addition to this series. I loved Haley's relationship with the guys, and how they all did a good job making everything work out okay. I also really loved the fact that Haley is now going to be working with them to an extent, and I look forward to more in that. 

The only thing I didn't like was how Haley kept letting her friends influence what she thought about her relationship, that bugged me a lot. But other than that, I really thought this one was very good, and I can't wait for more. 
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