Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Title: To Claim a King
Series: Age of Gold #1
Author: May Sage

Accused of consorting with demons in her home town, Xandrie flees, only to find herself in a greater danger.
She's a mere human woman, thrust in a brutal tournament pitting vicious dragon females against each other.
Yet, she can't find it in herself to give up, as the winner will Claim the throne, and more importantly, the hand of the enticing Dragon King.

Age of Gold is a series of standalone fantasy romance novels. 

Unlike many fantasy books, To Claim a King is NOT a clean read. Expect swear words and adult situations. If you enjoy your books free of f-words, this one isn't for you.


Xandrie is accused of messing with demons and sentenced to death. However, she ends up begin saved by a dragon, but not just any dragon, the KING! She doesn't know this till later, but that's what happens. Now, she will end up staying with her friend at the palace and entering a tournament where the prize is the King himself. 

This book was really interesting, and I enjoyed the plot line a whole lot. I felt there were a few parts that were kind of confusing and took away from the story, but other than that I enjoyed it. I like the hero and heroine as well, even though I wish there had been more to them. 

Other than that I liked it, and it was an enjoyable read to pass the time with! 
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