Friday, June 30, 2017

Title: Murder in Containment
Series: New Scotland Yard/Doyle and Acton #4
Author: Anne Cleeland

In this fourth installment of the Doyle & Acton mystery series, Detective Sergeant Kathleen Doyle realizes that several apparently unrelated murders are actually "containment" murders--murders to contain an ominous scandal that could reach into the highest levels of Scotland Yard's CID. In the process of tracking down the killers, however, she comes to the unsettling realization that Chief Inspector Acton has committed a containment murder or two of his own.


In the fourth book of the series, Doyle is being kept away from the cases that Acton is working on. He doesn't want her around that, however, things aren't as they seem, and Doyle knows that Acton is in danger from something he doesn't know about. She will do everything she can to keep him safe. 

This book was okay. I'm getting really annoyed with Acton. I hate that he keeps so much from her, even the he knows she has abilities to find out what is really going on. So, that is getting really old. Plus it feels like he can't trust her, and that is why he doesn't tell her things, which in my opinion make it seem like their marriage and love is ridiculous. 

Other than that I liked this one, and I liked how Doyle slowly started standing up for herself, but then she kept backing down so that wasn't cool, but she tried. I want her to stand up for what she believes in. I do look forward to more, but I'm hoping Doyle and Acton get a little bit better. 
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