Saturday, June 3, 2017

Title: Make Me a Wish
Series: The Conduit #1
Author: K.B. Ladnier & Anita Maxwell

"Ever made a wish and had it come true? Well lucky you, because I have never had any of my wishes come true." 

Arsyn Henley has had a rough life growing up. All the universe has ever done, is take every loved one she has ever had and give deep rooted scars—both on the inside and out—in return. When a relative she never knew about dies and leaves her a cabin in the mountains, she's eager to start over with a new life. She could never have guessed her new life would be riddled with secrets about her family, new people to love and most of all magic beyond her wildest dreams. 

Enter the four dashing Kismet brothers who take this broken girl on a metaphorical magic carpet ride through the world of Jinn—beings who grant the wishes of the human race—and slowly put back together her soul with pieces of their own. 

But where there's light, dark is soon to follow. Can she find the strength to accept her new reality and the people who come with it bringing all the beauty of love and light to her? Or will she falter and beckon the darkness to take her away as it's own? 

*This is a 400+ page Reverse-Harem series with some disturbing sequences of events, mild languageand is recommended for ages 17+* 


Arsyn has been through a lot in her life, and now she's alone and moving to a new place. When she gets there she never expects for her Great Uncle who died to leave her a crazy letter, and when four guys show up at her front door confirming that what her Uncle told her is true, she thinks they are all nuts. Until, she realizes that maybe they aren't crazy, but now as she gets closer to them she doesn't know if it is good or bad. 

This book was a good start to this series. It lets us know the back story on Arsyn, and all of the Jinn stuff as well. The only thing that was frustrating was how Arsyn didn't seem to catch on to certain things until towards the end. It also ends in a cliffhanger, but I'm super excited to read more now. 
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