Friday, June 2, 2017

Title: Slouch Witch
Series: The Lazy Girl's Guide to Magic#1
Author: Helen Harper

Let's get one thing straight - Ivy Wilde is not a heroine. In fact, she's probably the last witch in the world who you'd call if you needed a magical helping hand, regardless of her actual abilities. If it were down to Ivy, she'd spend all day every day on her sofa where she could watch TV, munch junk food and talk to her feline familiar to her heart's content.

However, when a bureaucratic disaster ends up with Ivy as the victim of a case of mistaken identity, she's yanked very unwillingly into Arcane Branch, the investigative department of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Her problems are quadrupled when a valuable object is stolen right from under the Order's noses. It doesn't exactly help that she's been magically bound to Adeptus Exemptus Raphael Winter. He might have piercing sapphire eyes and a body which a cover model would be proud of but, as far as Ivy's concerned, he's a walking advertisement for the joyless perils of too much witch-work. 

And if he makes her go to the gym again, she's definitely going to turn him into a frog.


Slouch Witch begins when Ivy ends up being bound to an Order witch because there was a huge misunderstanding with her friend Eve. Now, she must be around this guy constantly or her skin feels like its burning alive. Things get worse when someone tries to kill them, something goes missing, and someone else ends up dead. 

As Ivy tries to manage everything that's going on, her new partner and her seem to be building a relationship that neither one really knows how to deal with. On top of that, she knows her friend Eve will be so angry when she finds out the mix up. 

And then the ending was utterly crazy! I can't believe it ended like that. While it may not be a cliffhanger exactly, it was in my book, and it was nuts. I can't wait for the next one. 

This one was a great start to this series. It opened up the world of the Order and witches, and we got to meet the awesome Ivy and her new partner. I seriously adored them together, and I loved Ivy as well. I'm super excited for more in this series now. 
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