Thursday, June 22, 2017

Title: Feathers That Bind
Series: Harper's Destiny #1
Author: LA Kirk

The neighboring kingdom of Greenwood is threatening war if Princess Harper doesn't marry their Prince Landon, a childhood friend. After years apart, the prince is not the man she remembers. His cold demeanor quickly drives a wedge between them. But when a legend comes to life and offers three sacred feathers for three destined husbands, Princess Harper's future is thrown into chaos.

With the threat of war on the horizon and a traitor within the Greenwood royal family, Harper will have to overcome the schemes standing in her path and forge new bonds with three men destined to be hers.


This story begins with Harper and her family being threatened with war if she doesn't marry the person that has been picked for her. However, Harper is destined for more than just to marry, and when it all comes out into the open life gets very hectic for her. 

This book was interesting, but it wasn't great. I enjoyed the story line, and the secrecy, but I felt like the character development just wasn't enough. I know it was in some aspects, but it wasn't enough to really get to know the characters, or really even form an opinion on them. 

So, other than that I liked the overall story and I do look forward to finding out what happens next. 
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