Thursday, June 15, 2017

Title: A Bitten Curse
Series: Darkness Bites #1
Author: Nicole Marie

I came to London to kill vampires. I failed. 
I woke up in my apartment days after our failed mission, alone and near death. Well, alone apart from the vampire King who has been in my head since he bit me that night. 

I don't know how our minds became linked or how I survived that night when the rest of my team did not, but I've been in hiding for my life ever since. 

My life now revolves around two things: staying alive and pissing off the bloodsucker in my head. 

The only thing that drives him crazier than drinking myself unconscious? 

F**king shifters. 

A Bitten Curse is the first book in Nicole Marie's steamy paranormal romance series. New books to be released every few weeks. These books contain explicit scenes and adult language and are intended for mature audiences.


Charlie has been through hell the last few months, and things are not looking up for her. Because of being bitten by a vampire and now being "cursed" she does everything in her power to piss him off. She doesn't understand what's happening to her, and it seems neither does the vampire that did it to her either. 

This book was actually very good even though there was a point in the book that really kind of bothered me. I sort of wish it hadn't been there just because it felt like it was over the top forced. But other than that I did really like this one. And the heroine pissed me off because she was a selfish jerk most of the time, and I felt sorry for the vampire, but I actually look forward to learning how she will change and what happens next. Especially with that cliffhanger ending! 
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