Monday, May 8, 2017

Title: Rose and Thorn
Series: Black Rose Sorceress #2
Author: Connie Suttle

Crown Prince Thorn: 

I felt defeated. Helpless. If Sherra were alive, why didn't she mindspeak to tell me so? Every day, I floundered against that notion—that if she were alive, she'd have contacted me by now. 

"Don't give up, Thorn," Hunter said softly. "We don't know everything there is to know." 

"Hunter, every day reminds me of how little we actually do know." 

Sherra has not returned to the King. 

Seven months have passed and Kaakos, Ny-nes' leader, is rebuilding his army. His plan is to unleash an onslaught against Az-ca—in retaliation for the destruction of his troops and weapons. 

In Az-ca, the King's health is failing, the enemy is on the march and Merrin and his rogues have forged an alliance with enemy infiltrators. Will the Crown Prince be forced to deal with attacks from both sides, without Sherra's help? 

Will Az-ca survive if Sherra is dead, as so many believe?


Sherra is still alive, but she's training to get stronger to take on the greater threat that is coming for her people. Her lover is upset and losing hope that his woman is gone, and his father is dying, then you have the war he's in and he's under a lot of stress. 

Sherra's allies may not be allies, and when things get more and more difficult she will do what she must to save everyone she loves and more. 

This book was enjoyable, but not nearly as good as the first one. I really hated how it switched from so many different characters point of view. That was difficult to keep up with and beyond frustrating. Other than that I liked the story line, and the main characters. 

Although, I wish Sherra and Thorn would have been doing better in this one. And I found it a little bit odd that Sherra is being called "princess" and "queen" when nothing has been mentioned about that. I hope the next book explains more about that, and I hope Thorn gets his head out about things, even though towards the end he started to do that. 
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