Monday, May 1, 2017

Title: Flightless Bird
Series: The Caged Series #1
Author: Kellie McAllen

They're powerless without her; she's powerless to resist.

The list of reasons why Lexus Wren is the last girl any guy would be interested in is mercilessly long:
Her dad’s in prison for murder, her mom drowns her sorrows every night at Dave’s Dive, and Lexus is just trying to survive the cruelties of high school as a painfully shy bookworm with a bad wardrobe and a collection of nervous habits. Never in a million years did Lexus expect to attract the attention of two hunky transfer students, Phoenix and Griffin Easton.

The troubled brothers are haunted by their own demons and don’t seem bothered by Lexus’ tarnished reputation; they’re too busy vying for her attention and trying to figure out why being around her makes them feel like electricity is frying their insides. When Lexus’ family problems reach a critical tipping point, the boys are drawn to protect her, and the truth about who they are is revealed in an explosive confrontation that will astound them all.


Lexus is having a hard time in her life. Her father's in prison, her mother is a horrible person who ignores her for the most part, and the other part is mean to her. And two new boys just started school and she can't stay away from them. Worse, they are twins, and she feels a real electric spark between them both. 

As Lexus tries to deal with her feelings, home issues, and more things start heating up in her life, and she knows things will never be the same ever again. 

I fell in love with Lexus. She's a wonderful character, and I adored her. I love her the boys brought out the real her, and how she was changing throughout the story. I also adored the boys as well. And I'm super excited about how this series will turn out. 

This one does end in a crazy cliffhanger though, and it seemed to go by way to quickly because it was so good! I look forward to more now. 
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